How Important is Public Relation Campaigns to Your Company?

Every company whether large or small should develop a press kit for distribution to media outlets and other news sources. The digital age is here and the greater number of sources that will publish your press releases online the greater your web presence will be in the future, as search engines index these sites and picks up the content. Your press release should contain keywords that you use to promote your product or service to your customers and words that will help you rise to the top of the search engines. Your pr program is another channel for branding your company as well.

Some basic information about your company, products, or services should be contained in your press kit. A press kit allows for easy distribution of company news to media outlets and other news sources. The following is a list of items you should have in your media kit.

Press Kit:

o Catalogs or Brochures

o Management Biographies

o Photos of your products or service

o Testimonials

o Company logos

o News Worthy Press Releases

o Photos of key employees

o Terms & Conditions for proper use of your company logo and/or trademarks

Another good way to build pr for your company is to have a press area on your website. This area should contain press releases from your company so the search engines can index the pages. Content is king! This will help in bringing your website up in the search engine rankings to help bolster favorable public perception about your company. Also, include ways for the media outlets to download copies of your latest press releases and company news (i.e. RSS, simple syndication Feed is Good) A digital press kit is fast and easy. You may want to require a non-formal registration so you can keep track of who is publishing your material. A few simple of tips for creating your press release can increase the publics’ perception about your company.


o Always make sure whatever you are writing about in news worthy

o Maximize your product or service keywords through-out the press release

o Always include some response generating mechanism (i.e. special phone number, website landing page, email address, or contact person).

o When writing try to create a picture in your customers’ mind of what it is you are offering.

o Make every press release very exciting.

A good pr program will help your company gain valuable customers’ and gain favorable public perception about your company. 80% of all internet users’ research companies, services, and products on the web before they commit to making a purchase (Source: and now is a good time as any to build your public relations programs to bolster your company into favorable standing with the general public.

Choosing the Right Public Relations (PR) Firm – 5 Helpful Tips

If there is one industry that has become overly saturated these days it is the field of Public Relations. It seems that PR Firms are cropping up faster than weeds, and the process of sorting through the slush to choose a public relations company of quality can be a daunting and overwhelming process, to say the least.

This article offers you 5 helpful tips that can hopefully make the journey of choosing a PR Firm or a publicist a little bit easier and more streamlined, so that you can get the most bang for your public relations buck, and actually see a return on your investment.

Five Tips For Choosing The Right PR Firm For You

1. Size – Are you seeking a large corporate PR Firm, a mid-size firm or a small or boutique firm?

The question I pose is not a black and white one. The answer to this question must be determined by several things. Your budget, how much hand holding and personal attention you require, how far you want your public relations outreach to be, and your desire for a team working on your account or for just one or two ambitious publicists working on your account. Large corporate public relations firms generally charge between $10,000 and $20,000 per month for their basic retainer services, so budget is a huge factor here. To a company like Microsoft or Johnson & Johnson this is a drop in the bucket. But to a small or medium sized company that type of fee is far out of reach. The benefits of a large national and sometimes international firm is the wide reach your brand can achieve, a large team working on your account, a large pool of other clients who are with that firm from that your company can possibly network with and benefit from. These large firms generally have a ton of experience on their side. Many of these large PR Firms are 20, 30 or 50 plus years old. The downside of these large firms aside from the hefty monthly fee is the amount of bureaucracy and red tape involved in the day to day functions of the company, and unfortunately this can often lead to smaller clients falling through the cracks. Another minus to working with large PR Firms is the lack of personal touch and attention, which is fine for established companies but not as good for start ups, small and medium sized companies who require more nurturing, more brand development and other complimentary services like writing and basic marketing assistance.

Smaller public relations firms tend to offer monthly retainers that can range anywhere from $7000.00 all the way down to about $2500.00 depending on how much overhead that firm has, their level of experience and expertise, their particular public relations niche, their contacts and how much time they plan to devote to your account. Most PR Firms out there tend to fall into the mid-size, boutique or small category and are also very effective at doing their job.

2. Ignore the Hype and Look at a Public Relations Firm’s Portfolio of Work!

I cannot stress this enough. In perusing some colleagues’ websites recently I was shocked to observe that some of these websites have flashy graphics, catchy promotional copy about their services, and glossy images but NO examples of their media placements, marketing case studies, writing samples… nada! Where is their work? Don’t fall for public relations firms that are all flash and no substance. Always, and I mean always look to see if their website is packed with examples of past projects, past examples of media placements and other examples of work created by the firm. Look over the work that is displayed on their website and when speaking with a representative from that public relations firms ask them to elaborate on their body of work. Some great questions:

What media placements are you most proud of? How was that media placement achieved by your firm? What is your firms biggest strength? Can you tell me some of your contacts in the media? Can you give me some marketing case studies? Some public relations case studies? What sets your firm apart?

3. Make sure you are a match: Assessing values, vision and creativitiy

The above sentence is pretty self-explanatory but I will elaborate. This publicist or pr team will be your brand ambassador. You want someone whose values reflect your own values. You also want to be sure that your publicist understands, appreciates and shares your vision for your company or organization. If a PR Firm wants to pitch your beauty brand as an elite, untouchable, prestige brand and you want your beauty product to speak to the every-woman, showing her how beauty can be accessible to all women, then that publicist may have a vision that is not in line with yours and things will likely go from perplexing to downright tense. A good trick is, when speaking to a potential publicist ask him or her how they see your product, who they think your audience/demo is and how they envision positioning the product to the media and to potentiial consumers. Don’t expect them to go into too much detail before really delving into the product line, but they should give you a basic pitch that falls in line with your own vision. If not, move on.

4. Are you in it for Website traffic, magazine placements, TV appearances? What is it you want? Be specific!

Don’t be shy about what it is you want. Why are you searching for public relations services in the first place? Really sit down and think about it. And don’t be shy about your needs. Is your main objective to build a strong targeted online following to drive quality traffic to your website and convert visitors into sales? Is your main objective someone who can write outstanding copy for your business like press releases, articles, pitch copy to send to media outlets, etc.? Is your main objective to become something of a personality and expert in your field and to build a resume as someone who makes appearances on television news programs giving advice to promote yourself as a brand and an expert? Figure out what your goals are and choose a PR Firm that is strong in your area of interest.

5. Location, location, location

In the age of email, fax machines, long distance phone plans and inexpenseive air travel the location of your public relations firm may not matter to you… or it might. Do you want lots of face time with your publicist or do you not care if your publicist is in Timbuck Tu as long as they can get the job done, and get your company press coverage? Everyone’s comfort level with location is different and there is no right or wrong. If you are looking for entertainment public relations you may set your sights on a PR Firm that is in Los Angeles or in New York. If you are an up and coming Internet company you may find value in a San Francisco based PR Firm. Fashion, New York may be the way to go for you, unless your fashion line is a range of swimsuits; in that case a Miami PR Firm could be the right fit. Looking to attract the Latin market, again, Miami could be the key for you.

Or, you may simply look for a public relations firm with a rolodex of contacts in a particular city or industry, regardless of their brick and mortar location.

How Public Relations Helps A Business To Grow Into A Brand

The importance of ‘Business Growth’ differs from company to company, some companies focus on sale while other believe in Brand Awareness. Focusing on Brand Awareness is always a long term solution for Business Sustenance and Reputation.

When we talk about Brand Awareness, we should make sure we know what we want to impel to our Target Audience. Talking about Brand Promotions & Brand Awareness, Public Relations is a proven way to make a Brand go Viral.

A Public Relations strategy is carefully considered and strategically created to communicate the right message to the right audience in the right way.

In today’s world, publicity is everything. If you own a company, you should have a Big vision to accomplish and a PR Agency who could understand your Vision to act upon.

PR builds strategies on how to perform effectively and efficiently in promoting a Brand, establish their target market, work on different news angles, to create a story that convince media to cover and attract the attention of Target Audiences.

PR encompasses several Branding activities that are designed to improve relationships with audiences that matter to Business Growth and Success.

Richard Branson, who is a famous business magnate, investor and philanthropist has once said, “Publicity is absolutely critical. A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front page ad.

Thus PR is always result-oriented and a winning throw, if your agency understands your company’s key message and of course the Market Analysis.

The reasons why we should believe in the power of Public Relations:

Public Relations can be proved as a good investment in terms of ROI, and then other marketing tools. If PR campaign is managed well it can create three times as many leads through its specialty of content marketing and Media Relations.

By promoting, engaging content, a brand gets recognized as a market leader along with the effective use of PR tools like opinion pieces and expert views, they position company’s spokespeople as experts in their fields, bringing attention towards the brand.

Increased visibility through blog posts, radio spots, articles, interviews and editorials makes target market more aware and allows a brand to showcase its importance. Public Relations influences the opinion of target market, and can reach towards your audiences using voices they trust, with a careful selection of influencers based on your brand image. From Media Exposure to events, to websites and social media channels, PR gets your brand as close to your audience as possible.

PR agencies, as opposed to advertising agencies, promote companies or individuals via editorial coverage. This is known as “earned” or “free” media i.e. stories appearing on websites, newspapers, magazines and TV programs are more influential and effective as compared to “paid media” or advertisements.

PR agencies and advertising agencies share the same goals; promoting clients in all possible dimensions. But the strategy differs as PR plays with their skills and Innovative Strategies whereas, Advertising is a paid source. When a company advertises, people are assured they will speak well about themselves. But when a company goes for PR Activities, media speaks about the company, thus PR is like making someone talk good about your company.

The person responsible for PR, executes various methods to attract the attention and interest so as to develop positive expectations in the minds of the public. In turn, this method and skill of creating and maintaining brand loyalty with PR methods is “a perfect marketing storm,” This tells how PR management carefully seeks to support a brand’s identity in the hearts and minds of consumers.

Public Relations have been considered a vital component for building brand value, maintaining brand vitality and establishing brand credibility. According to a survey, more than 100 brand managers, provide new evidence that Public Relations is a valued marketing partner in building Brand Equity.

PR is authentic & relationship based; PR profession is best equipped to help brands to navigate the evolving digital world of consumer influence with its creative tools of content marketing.