Entrepreneurs! Public Speaking is Your Best Marketing and Public Relations Tool

As an entrepreneur, I have invested a ton of money in marketing and public relations. From the must-have materials such as brochures and business cards, to the website, blog and e-zine, to those overblown marketing training programs that promise an endless parade of clients and customers.

But the most efficient, cost-effective, comprehensive, creative and reliable tool I have ever found is public speaking. In one short 20 to 40 minute segment of time, you can attract more clients, initiate more sales and create more business opportunities than three months worth of direct mail, networking and press release submission.

Here’s 7 reasons why public speaking beats out every other marketing and public relations tool:

1. You Are the Expert

I don’t know why but if you are speaking in front of a group, everyone assumes you are an expert. Even if you screw up, trip over your words, it doesn’t matter. If you are willing to stand up and speak while giving people useful information, you will become known as the expert in your field.

2. 100 New Relationships

If you attend a networking event, you may make two or three contacts with potential clients. But if you are the one speaking at that event, you establish a relationship with hundreds of potential customers. Everyone in your audience now knows who you are and what you offer, and it is this familiarity that makes it easy for them to contact you and for you to contact them.

3. Immediate Trust

When you speak to a group, you can establish an immediate relationship of trust and credibility with an entire audience, and that trust results in people wanting to do business with you. That trust is created when you speak with openness, honesty and authenticity.

4. Perfect Excuse for a Second Date

Your speech is your “first date” with your audience. Now, ask them for a second date! In other words, after your speech, you have the prefect reason to contact each member of your audience and offer them an opportunity to do business or engage with you in some way.

5. Make Money Now!

There are entrepreneurs who do nothing but speak to groups and sell products and services at the back of the room. You can do that, too. Bring your products and offer them at a “one-day only” discount to attendees. If you don’t have a product, offer a service or training for a special price if they register today.

6. Tell the Media

Giving a speech is a great way to attract media attention and get your name in print. Send press releases to local newspapers and even internet press services. Just be sure that your press release emphasizes the benefit your speech provides rather than how great your business is.

7. Leverage That Speech

If you tape your speech you can use it over and over in any number of ways. Create a CD that you can either give to potential clients or sell for a small fee. If you record a video of your speech you can post a clip of it on your website. Use the material of your speech to create while papers and articles. Whatever you do, let that speech work for you beyond that one-time live performance.

So, call up your local community service or professional group and ask to speak at their next meeting. You will find that no other marketing tool can match the power of public speaking.

A Fashion Public Relations Representative For You

Fashion is something that is ever changing and it can be difficult to keep up with current trends. If you are part of a company that sells clothes and accessories that you may want to find a Fashion Public Relations company to suit your individual needs.

Public relations is also known by the shorthand PR. When people think of it they usually think of a something going wrong that needs to be dealt with, whether it is someone bad mouthing their own products or getting involved in a controversial court case. This particular type of PR is also referred to as crisis management. However it is just one aspect of the work of a representative.

A lot of companies offering this kind of representation and you should be able to compare between the different ones on offer to see which is best for you. This is not as simple as looking at a typical product comparison as it is not always obvious who suits your particular needs. A sensible approach will help you find someone that fits the image of your company.

The size of the firm is the first thing to consider. Your budget may restrict you from getting certain firms on board. A larger company may not necessarily be better as in some cases this can mean more bureaucracy and a less personal approach. Smaller firms will not only be cheaper but also more likely to offer a more hands on style of representation. If they are new it is even more likely that they will be keen to impress.

When looking at possible representation look beyond the website and pay close attention to the case studies and media placements they produce. Does it suit the image that you are going for? Will it appeal to your target audience? The advertising for women in their early twenties will be different to men in their late twenties and so forth.

During an initial contact with a potential representative be sure to ask them how they see the brand. Do not tell them who you think the target market is, instead see how they react and whether it matches or your ideas. If their ideas are completely different to yours then it is unlikely they will be a positive match and offer the best representation.

Some firms will specialize in certain areas. For example some will be stronger at online campaigns whereas others will be better at creating print or television campaigns. If you feel your target audience are more likely to look at magazines than online then you are better off finding someone who can do better magazine adverts and focus your attention on that rather on an online campaign.

Choosing the right Fashion Public Relations representative is a personal choice. Ideally you should try to meet them in person to be able to discuss your needs and to see if they have that communication skill. A good representative should have the communication skills to be able to pitch to you in person!

How to Make Money in a Recession With the Help of Public Relations

Tough economic times are precisely the times that you want to reach out to and stay in front of your target market. They are also challenging times marketing-wise because you also need to be frugal and savvy with your marketing budget. Studies have shown that companies that stop all marketing during a recession are those that fair the poorest not only during the recession, but in the long run. So, there is your dilemma, you need to promote your company, reach your market and not overly-strain your budget.

You have a number of choices to consider from advertising and direct marketing to public relations and online marketing. All forms of promotion have their upsides, but your job is to find the marketing avenue that is the most advantageous for you and your company. During rough times consumers and clients are particularly focused on companies that they can trust. Sure cost savings is a big deciding factor, but credibility becomes more important than ever.

That is where public relations becomes such an important marketing tool. Through it, you reach your target market and gain the validation and credibility of being featured in the news. Also cost-wise, PR can be much more cost effective than a concerted advertising campaign. Both require consistency. You can’t run one ad or send out one press release and expect to really benefit from either, but going the PR route offers you a number of different avenues. You can pitch the local, regional and national media. You can develop a number of different story ideas, from a product or service-based story, to a local human interest story, to a national trend story. You can present yourself as an expert in your field. You can tailor make pitches for radio, TV and print. You have the entire media world that you can pitch your story to. Then, as you garner media placement, you can feature your media hits on your website, on your blog and on various social media sites. Touch economic times are times that call for you to be both proactive and creative. So, take a deep breath, and move forward. Study the various media outlets; see what stories they run with. Now, come up with effective story ideas that meet both the media’s needs and yours. Even in the toughest of times, one well-placed story on you and your company can make all the difference.

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